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Damn Small Linux is amazing! Coming on a CD, it can give life back to your old 233mhz PC gathering dust in the attic. This can run live from the PC without affecting your hard drive or can be fully installed. Optimized to be used on old computers I have had this running fine on a Pentium 233mhz, 96mb memory machine. The disk is just 48mb and contains enough software to surf the net and get those office projects done too. The releases on these are very frequent and each release gets better every time. So get rid of Windows 98 on that old base unit in the attic and give it a new lease of life with Damn Small Linux.

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I tried this one and I have to say it excellent for a basic system, if all you need is for writing word/txt files, Linux has come a long way since I started playing with it in 1994 running Slackware where EVERYTHING had to be configured - I\'m no guru mind. This enabled me to boot up and surf the web using Firefox right off the Disk - I also found I could access my hard drive to save .txt files as well and when you power down - it\'s gone! Very clever as it\'s in RAM. 5 stars from me.

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