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Linux Mint 21.2 Xfce DVD (64-bit)

Linux Mint 21.2 Xfce for 64-Bit is an Ubuntu-based distribution featuring the Xfce that provides a faster, more lightweight Linux experience by including browser plugins, media codecs, support for DVD playback, Java and other components for older computers. This LTS (Long Term Support) edition comes with support till 2027.

Linux Mint is compatible with Ubuntu software repositories, giving it access to over 30,000 software packages. Mint uses proprietary software to give the user a complete user friendly Linux experience.

Linux Mint comes with it's own set of mint-software to make the Linux even experience easier for the user:

  • MintDisk: A software that mounts NTFS-partitions easily. Access your Windows files with ease.
  • MintAssistant: MintAssistant will appear during first log-in for users, asking a few questions to ease the linux experience. It currently asks if the user want to enable or disable fortune-cookies in the terminal, if the root account should be enabled or disabled, and if Mint should use MintDisk or fstab to mount NTFS-partitions.
  • MintUpload: MintUpload lets users upload files to a server by just right-clicking on it and press upload. The user will be given a link he can give to other people for quick and easy sharing.

Linux Mint is now one of the most popular Linux distributions. Features include out of the box multimedia support, one click install feature, Microsoft Windows integration, 3D Desktop and a solid package base including Google Earth, Picasa and Skype.


Number of disks: 1 (DVD)

Version : 21.2 (Xfce - Victoria) 64-bit

Release date: 21/07/2023

Linux Mint 21.2 Xfce 64-Bit DVD

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