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SystemRescue 11 DVD

SystemRescue on DVD: Your Digital Lifeline

Encounter an unexpected system crash? Face an unresponsive computer? SystemRescue on DVD is your go-to solution, ensuring that even in the direst of situations, you're not left stranded. It's more than just a rescue disk; it's a comprehensive toolkit designed to breathe life back into your PC, safeguard your data, and simplify troubleshooting.

Prime Features:

  • Effortless Recovery: Whether it's a boot issue or a system failure, get your computer up and running in no time.
  • Partition Mastery: Equip yourself with a suite of partition tools to create, delete, resize, or move them as needed.
  • Windows Support: Get NTFS Read/Write access, and even adjust Windows registry and passwords, making it a cross-platform savior.
  • Disk Imaging with PartImage: An open-source gem, it smartly captures only the sectors in use, preserving both space and time.
  • Data Recovery: Lost a partition? TestDisk is here to retrieve it. Misplaced important photos or files? PhotoRec has got you covered.
  • Boot Disk Creation: Flexibility to craft boot disks for various operating systems, ensuring a seamless recovery journey.

Put in the SystemRescue DVD, reboot, and watch as it presents a plethora of tools and applications to not just revive your PC, but also to optimize and secure your digital environment.

SystemRescue on DVD: When tech troubles arise, it's the lifeline you'll be grateful for.

Number of disks: 1

Version : 11

Release date: 29/01/2024

System Rescue on DVD

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